Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Falah's bday

Today is my loving son' bday, Ahmad Falah Akbar B. Mohamad Fadhil.....but today is also the most bz day of the week. got 6hours classes until 5.30.

i'm thinking how to celebrate my baby's bday. i want it to be a very speacial day for him that some day he might read this blog and know how much i love him.

so i want to cook everything all by myself. i will bake a cake. maybe a carrot cake. good for his eyes..a set of chicken chop. good for his abah..a jug of fresh kiwi juice..n anything else might just pop out from my mind while cooking, later.

rite now, got class, otw home soon, need to stop by to get some groceries.baking...cooking..and celebrating....it's all about love...

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